5 contemporary home decor ideas you should consider this rainy season

5 contemporary home decor ideas you should consider this rainy season

Umbrella stand

The umbrella stand is one of the best home décor ideas to incorporate in the rainy season. It does not just look pretty for home décor but also serves the purpose to keep the drenched umbrella away.

You can also have a dirt corner where you can put muddy shoes and soaking raincoats. Put a doormat especially so that people do not carry the mud all over the house. Accessorize this place so that it gels well with your existing décor.   

Wind chime

Who doesn’t love the sound of wind chimes?

Wind chimes complement the pitter patter of raindrops and their soothing sound is enough to lift anyone’s mood.

Wind chimes are considered to be good luck in parts of Asia including India. They are also used in Feng Shui.  They are said to maximize the flow of Chi, or life’s energy. Metal wind chimes are believed to attract good fortune for homes.

While wind chimes help create peaceful environment or atmosphere they are also believed to attract peaceful spirits and ward off evil spirits. 

Scented candles

Add refreshing scent with the help of candles and get rid of the mouldy smell of rain. Apart from this, they also make a great look for home décor.   


One of the best home décor ideas – growing houseplants.

Houseplants help keep the air fresh and pure. Their green colour soothes mind offers a serene atmosphere. They have a calming effect on one’s mind.

There are many types of houseplants one can incorporate into their décor. For the kitchen, you can try having a vertical garden. The vertical garden is great if you want to grow fresh herbs at home.

For the décor, you can make use of unwanted old vases, wine bottles, or tires to grow indoor garden.   

Cosy décor

window seating

Bring back cosy cushions and fury, warm blankets. Read a book or a sip on favourite tea by the window seat.   

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